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Dr. Sean Carey


Dr. Sean Carey is a Professor in the School of Geography and Earth Sciences where he directs the Watershed Hydrology Group. His research interests include hydrological and land surface processes in natural and human-impacted environments. He has a particular interest in processes that are affected by cold temperatures, snow and ice. Dr. Carey has been working in Wolf Creek, Yukon, since 1995 and has helped develop it into a globally recognized research watershed.

The Watershed Hydrology Group uses field, laboratory, and modelling approaches to understand how hydrological processes interact and influence ecosystem, biogeochemical and catchment processes across scales. Dr. Carey has a particular interest in cold environments and has been working in Yukon Territory for over 20 years. In addition, the influence of landscape disturbance on catchment processes has been an area of focus as the group seeks to help both industry and regulators understand and mitigate large-scale disturbance in northern regions.

Dr. Carey serves on the Global Water Futures Strategic Management Committee and is the Principal Investigator for the Mountain Water Futures program.


Sean Carey

School of Geography and Earth Sciences
McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario L8S4L8
Tel: 1(905)525-9140 ext. 20134
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