Dr. Vincent St. Louis


Dr. Vincent St. Louis is a Professor at the University of Alberta. He has over 38 years of research experience that includes conducting whole-ecosystem experimentation at the Experimental Lakes Area (NW Ontario) on the environmental impacts of acid rain, hydroelectric reservoir creation, and the atmospheric deposition of mercury. Since 2004, he has also studied why some high- and sub-Arctic marine animals and freshwater fishes contain concentrations of methylated mercury high enough to cause exposure risks to northern peoples consuming them as traditional foods. Most recently, he has focused his research efforts on determining how accelerated climate change in polar regions is altering terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem productivity, greenhouse gas emissions from landscapes, water quality, contaminant loadings and biomagnification, and glacial river biogeochemical process. Dr. St. Louis now wants to transfer this latter interest from the high Arctic to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, where accelerated glacial melt is rapidly occurring. Over his career, Dr. St. Louis has supervised 10 M.Sc and 8 Ph.D. students. Dr. St. Louis has published over 85 peer-reviewed articles on a very broad range of ecological and biogeochemical topics that have been cited over 4300 times (average citation of 54 times per article). His h-index is 36.


University of Alberta

Email: vince.stlouis@ualberta.ca
Office: 1(780)492-9386

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