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Nicole Olivier


As Programs Manager, Nicole is responsible for the planning, delivery and evaluation of CMN’s Training Program and Knowledge Mobilization Program in support of the CMN Strategic Plan, as well as co-leading the operations of the Research Program with a focus on research development.

Nicole has over 21 year’s research experience at the University of Alberta in areas ranging from animal studies, clinical trials and community research. Nicole has an extensive background in all phases of research project management, training, knowledge translation and both community and stakeholder engagement. Nicole’s experience spans multiple Canadian provinces and she has learned that each community and jurisdiction have unique approaches to be considered.  With experience working in both rural and urban communities, Nicole understands that engaging community members and stakeholders by creating the opportunity to share ideas and learn from the lived experiences of others is integral to project success and the creation of relevant knowledge.

Nicole is passionate about living an active life outdoors and connecting with the landscape. For Nicole, being in the mountains or a forest is like reading a book and being immersed in the text surrounded by the words on the page. Nicole is passionate about sharing knowledge of the physical landscape and the impact we have on it with others; it’s about the history of the land, and the future it holds for all connected to it.


Nicole Olivier Programs Manager

Nicole Olivier, Programs Manager, CMN

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