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Dr. Anna Carr


Dr. Anna Carr is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Tourism, University of Otago, New Zealand and the founding Co-Director of the Centre for Recreation Research (University of Otago). As a Māori (Nga Puhi/Ngati Ruanui) scholar, she has been integrally involved in national parks, Indigenous peoples and tourism research for decades. Her research interests focus on the interdisciplinary aspects of sustainable ecotourism, wilderness management and Indigenous cultural landscapes.

Leadership Roles/ Rôles de leadership

2014-present: Otago Conservation Board: Ministerial appointment by Honourable Nick Smith and Honourable Maggie Barry (MPs and Ministers for Conservation) to Otago Conservation Board.
2017-present: Business School OBS Research Committee, University of Otago.
2015-present: Southern Heritage Trust Committee, Dunedin, Otago.
2016-present: Invited Associate Editor, Editorial Board, Journal of Ecotourism
2009-present: Invited member of Editorial Board, Tourism in Marine Environments
2009-present: Invited member of Editorial Board, Coordinating Editor, Journal of Heritage Tourism
2008-2014, 2017-: Te Poutama Executive, Māori Academic Staff Caucus, University of Otago

Selected Publications/  Publications sélectionnées

Strack, M., Wheen, N., Lovelock, B. and A. Carr (Eds.) (2018), Riverscapes: research essays on the social context of the southern catchments of Aotearoa New Zealand. University of Otago, Dunedin.

Carr, A., Ruhanen, L., Whitford, M. and B. Lane (Eds.) (2017), Sustainable Tourism and Indigenous Peoples. Routledge: Oxon.

Whitford, M. Ruhanen, L. and Carr, A. (Eds.) (2017), Indigenous Tourism: Cases from Australia and New Zealand, Goodfellow’s Publishers Ltd: Oxford. 250pp.

Mostafhanazad, M. R. Norum, E. Shelton and A. Thompson-Carr (Eds.) (2016), Political Ecology of Tourism: Communities, Power and the Environment, Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism and Mobility series, Routledge: Oxon.

Musa, G., Higham, J. and A. Thompson-Carr (Eds.) (2015), Mountaineering Tourism, Contemporary Geographies of Leisure, Tourism and Mobilities Series, Routledge: Oxon.

Rose, J. and A. Carr (2018), “Political ecologies of leisure: A critical approach to nature-society relations in leisure studies,” Annals of Leisure Research, Special Issue on Leisure and Nature

Carr, A., Ruhanen, L. & Whitford, M. (2016), “Indigenous Peoples and Tourism: The Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Tourism,” Journal of Sustainable Tourism. Special Issue on Sustainable Tourism and Indigenous Peoples 24 (8&9, 1047-1069) DOI: 10.1080/09669582.2016.1206112.

Lovelock, B., Jellum, C., & Carr, A. (2016), “Pulling the pin on active outdoor leisure: Building an understanding of leisure abandonment from the narratives of outdoor recreationists,” Leisure Sciences. Advance online publication.

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Thompson, A., B. Lovelock, A. Reis, M. Kjelsberg, G. Sides, R. Wright and C. Jellum (2010), “Traditional livelihoods, conservation and recreation: reflections on managing visitation in New Zealand conservation parks,” Tourismos: an International Multidisciplinary Journal of Tourism, 4(4), pp. 163-179.


Anna Carr

Senior Lecturer 
Department of Tourism
University of Otago

Room 232, Department of Tourism
Rm 246 Commerce Building, Cnr Clyde and Union Street
University of Otago Campus
Dunedin, NZ

Tel: 00-64-3-4798057
Web:  Anna Carr

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