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Dr. Carolina Adler


Carolina Adler is an Environmental Scientist and Geographer by training with broad international professional experience and a career spanning both research and practice in the public and private sectors. A dual citizen of both Chile and Australia, she obtained her PhD at Monash University (Australia) in 2010, focusing on climate change impacts, values, vulnerability, resilience and adaptation in mountain regions using policy sciences. The relevance and significance of her work to policy applications was demonstrated by an invitation to join the Society for Policy Scientists and later serve as a member in its Executive Council, as well as being awarded the 2010 Harold D Lasswell Prize for best dissertation in the field of public policy. Through transdisciplinary approaches, her research and consulting work continue to focus on the use of scientific knowledge for policy in dealing with issues of global change in society. She actively participates in numerous international networks and programs, such as those led by the International Social Sciences Council, International Council for Science, Future Earth through core projects such as the Earth Systems Governance Project, and more recently appointed as Lead Authors for the IPCC Special Report on Oceans and the Cryosphere in a Changing Climate. From May 2017, Carolina took up a new position as Executive Director of the Mountain Research Initiative, a multidisciplinary scientific organization funded by the Swiss Academies of Sciences, tasked with coordinating scientific research and networks on global change in mountain regions around the world.


International Advisory Committee member
Canadian Mountain Assessment

Executive Director 
Mountain Research Initiative

Directrice exécutive
L’initiative de recherche sur les montagnes


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