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Dr. Joseph Shea


I am interested in the study of snow, ice, and water in mountainous regions around the world; I use unmanned air vehicles (UAV) and satellite imagery, high-altitude automatic weather stations, and innovative field and research techniques to explore cryosphere responses to climate change.

Selected Publications/ Publications sélectionnées

[2018] Kraaijenbrink, PDA, Shea, JM, Litt M, Steiner JF, Treichler D, Koch I, and Immerzeel WW, 2018. “Mapping Surface Temperatures on a Debris-Covered Glacier with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.” Frontiers in Earth Science, 6, pp.64.

[2018] Wayand NE, Marsh CB, Shea JM, and Pomeroy JW, 2018. “Globally scalable alpine snow metrics.” Remote Sensing of Environment, 213, pp. 61-72.

[2017] Radić V, Menounos B, Shea JM, Fitzpatrick N, Tessema MA, & Dery SJ. “Evaluation of different methods to model near-surface turbulent fluxes for an alpine glacier in the Cariboo Mountains, BC, Canada.” The Cryosphere 11 : 2897-2918,

[2017] Stigter ES, Wanders N, Saloranta TM, Shea JM, Bierkens MFP, & Immerzeel WW. “Climate sensitivity of snow water equivalent and snowmelt runoff in a Himalayan catchment.” The Cryosphere, 11: 1647-1664,

[2016]  Shea JM, and Immerzeel WW. “Assessments of basin-scale glaciological and hydrological sensitivities in the Hindu Kush – Himalaya.” Annals of Glaciology, 57:308-318,> doi:10.3189/2016AoG71A073<>

[2015] Shea JM, Immerzeel WW, Wagnon P, Vincent C, & Bajracharya S. “Modelling glacier change in the Everest region, Nepal Himalaya.” The Cryosphere, 9: 1105-1128, <> doi:10.5194/tc-9-1105-2015<>


Assistant Professor of Environmental Geomatics
Geography Program
University of Northern British Columbia

Tel: 1(250)960-6256

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