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Dr. Paulina Johnson


Sîpihkokîsikowiskwew nitisiyihkâson ekwa Nêhiyawiskwew nitohciyan Nipisihkopahk. My name is Blue Sky Woman, and I am a Four-Spirit Woman (She, Her, Hers) from Samson Cree Nation in Maskwacîs, Alberta. Currently, I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Environment and Civil Engineering at the University of Alberta.

I am an Indigenous scholar with over a decade of experience in developing insights and tools grounded in traditional law that help communities with consultation, community engagement, and Indigenous-settler relations. My areas of expertise are in traditional law and governance, Indigenous legal traditions, Indigenous-Settler relations, Consultation, and Community Engagement. Much of my research is directed towards Indigenous research methods and includes how Indigenous research should be conducted, how relationships with community and Nations should be maintained, and building the voices of Indigenous Elders and knowledge holders I have come to know. My hope is to build more resilient learning communities that are rooted in sharing truths, transparency, and humility. And though my work often lacks one clear path, I have faith that my culture and teachings will guide me.

In my culture, we believe in relationality and reciprocity and as Co-Research Director I will extend my sense of duty and care to mountain systems and the seven hubs already established.

Additionally, I am bound to my Treaty obligations of my grandfathers. I am a descendant of the signatories of Treaty 6, and with that, we are taught as children to be there for our brothers and sisters and in this position, I aim to uphold that knowledge with Dr. Humphries as Co-Research Directors but importantly the integrity of relationships created and maintained in the Canadian Mountain Network.

Paulina Johnson

Paulina Johnson
Assistant Professor of Sociology & Adjunct Professor in the Department of Environment and Civil Engineering at the University of Alberta.


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