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Gùdia - Mary Jane Johnson


Gùdia - Mary Jane is a Lhu’ààn Mân Ku Dashaw - Elder who worked for Kluane First Nation and with Parks Canada over 50 years on protected areas, environment, cultural, and Indigenous language issues. She is a champion for Indigenous language revitalization while partaking in a community that actively lives their culture.

She has contributed to the: Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report Response Task Force addressing the TRC's Call to Action #70 reporting to the Standing Committee on Canada’s Archives; Canadian Mountain Assessment: Walking Together to Enhance Understanding of Mountains in Canada; Lhu’ààn Mân Keyi Kwanje Nààtsat: Kluane Lake Country People Speak Strong; and, the Facets Article - Toward reconciliation: 10 Calls to Action to natural scientists working Canada on which the film Signal Fire is based.

She continues to contribute an objective perspective to several boards and committees and sits as an active committee member on:the Asi Keyi Natural Environment Park Management Plan Steering Committee; The Pickhandle Lakes Habitat Protection Area Steering Committee the Canadian Mountain Network: Research Management Committee (transitioning to Braiding Knowledges Canada - beginning April 1st, 2024); and, Kluane First Nation - Citizenship Committee.

She is retired! And is a happy and busy Grandmother of eleven Grandchildren and one Great Grandson.


Canadian Mountain Network Bio

Member, CMN Research Management Committee
Advisory Committee member, Canadian Mountain Assessment
Sitting member on co-management of protected areas and heritage committees

Lhu’ààn Mân Ku Dań Elder

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