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Norman Sterriah


Norman Sterriah is the Traditional Knowledge Coordinator for the Ross River Dena Council, responsible not only for coordinating the collection, management and sharing of Traditional Knowledge but also for providing advice on land and heritage issues. In his capacity as program coordinator, he has overseen the development of a Dena Land Use Plan, and studies of ethnobotany, fish, caribou key habitats, and the documentation of Dena Traditional Laws. He has also been involved in mining reform and forest management planning for the Ross River traditional territory. Previously, he was Traditional Knowledge Coordinator for the Kaska Nation, a negotiator in Comprehensive Land Claims on behalf of Liard First Nation, and Chief and Councilor for the Ross River Dena Council. Mr. Sterriah brings a Dena perspective on ecosystem function and resilience, including a holistic and long-term view of ecological change. His Dena worldview also provides a foundation for understanding biodiversity; the sustainable use of plants, animals, and water; a more comprehensive assessment of environmental function and change; and the implications of climate change.


Traditional Knowledge Coordinator
Ross River Dena Council


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