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5 reasons why you should follow CMN on social media


Annie Webb


Mar 8, 2022


Mar 8, 2022


We want to promote your work and activities on CMN's social media to help get knowledge out there on mountains as well as our Indigenous communities. By spreading awareness, we can harness the power of our network and grow our community.

The Canadian Mountain Network (CMN) is a pan-Canadian Network that is focused on the health and resilience of mountain places that extend to other landscapes connected by watersheds, rivers, the movement of wildlife, and human cultures. We are also focused on bringing together Indigenous and Western ways of knowing, doing and contributing to reconciliation, preservation of Indigenous languages and knowledge systems, Indigenous stewardship, environmental monitoring and assessment, tourism, economic diversification and nature conservation.

Whether you are a CMN researcher, trainee or committee member, or just interested in mountains and mountain activities, you should be following CMN on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram! We post all our news, updates and opportunities on Facebook and Twitter. CMN’s Instagram focuses on select CMN initiatives, while our LinkedIn is centered on career/ training-related opportunities for academics, scholars, Indigenous peoples, graduate students and the public. If you don’t have social media, you can also subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter, where we provide our top updates all in one place.

You will reach exponentially more people by sharing your posts with us and can connect with diverse people from across Canada with similar work and interests.

Here’s why you need to follow us:

1.    Get your work out there

image research

An important responsibility for any researcher or organization is sharing their passion for their work and its relevance to society. Social media is a great way to keep up to date with research findings, exchange ideas and share your research with people in and outside your field. 

Sharing good scientific papers on social media exponentially increases dissemination, boosting the number of citations. But things that make you think "wow!", pique your curiosity, make you "nerd out", are a bit silly or make you laugh/smile are also especially effective on social media.

Sharing your work on social media can influence how the public votes at the next election, what is discussed at the town hall meeting or community group, what causes they choose to support and where they volunteer. Using targeted communication, you can also influence government decisions related to regulation, science policy and funding, which can in turn have an important impact on scientific progress. It is not a stretch to say that the entire fate of humanity could rest on successful communication and collaboration to help solve the problems that are facing mankind today.

Just do it now! Follow us and share your posts or tag us using @CanMountainNet on Twitter or @CanadianMountainNetwork on Facebook.

2.    Find relevant career, funding, training and volunteer opportunities

CMN shares many relevant career, funding, training and volunteer opportunities for scholars, students, Indigenous peoples, youth and the public. We want to increase opportunities and inclusiveness across Canada, and we want you to benefit! We curate all our partners’ opportunities too and make sure to share them across on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Stay tuned for postdoctoral or graduate student fellowships, millions of dollars in funding available, updates on CMN funding and job postings, and everything in between. Don’t miss out!

3.    Learn about upcoming events, webinars and trainings

We live in an online world and there is plethora of webinars and events out there that could be of interest, some of them completely free. Many events have come and gone before you’ll even know about them! Since we curate and disseminate events from all our partners, follow us and we’ll do the work for you of finding the most high-quality webinars and speakers out there! We also promote work of Indigenous individuals and organizations across our platforms, as their vision and experience are of paramount importance to solving Canada’s most pressing issues.

4.    Contests – win prizes!

prizes IMD 2021
As we approach our special International Mountain Day event on December 9th, CMN is celebrating the importance of mountains with weekly social media contests! Enter the contest by commenting on the social media post and sharing it with your friends for a chance to win an amazing prize pack. Learn more

Follow CMN on Twitter or Facebook, or subscribe to our newsletter, and you could win a mug from Canmore potters of Cabbages and Kings and coffee from Firebean Coffee Roasters in Whitehorse, Yukon. Each follow/subscribe is worth one contest entry and we will draw a winner at the end of every month!

5.    Stay up to date on news

We share relevant news stories in French and English on mountains, mountain research, Indigenous initiatives and research, natural resources in Canada, important news stories around the world and more! It is truly fascinating to follow the news updates and evolution of significant issues across Canada from different perspectives. We regularly scour through all the English and French news articles and share incredible stories with you.

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