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Mountains above Peyto Lake

Our Research Projects

CMN’s research program supports the resilience and health of Canada’s mountain peoples and places through partnerships based on Indigenous and Western ways of knowing that inform decision-making and action.

In 2020-21, $5.5 M in funding was awarded to 17 continuing research projects. These projects currently involve 99 collaborators, 114 trainees and 94 partner organizations.

Map of CMN's 17 Research Projects

(The numbers on the map correspond with the project numbers below)

map of cmn projects

Completed Projects

These CMN-funded research projects are now complete!

Click on the projects below for more information on goals, objectives, and impacts.

Glen Mackay Research Project
1. Bringing research home: Reclaiming research to tell the story of climate change in the Kluane First Nation Traditional Territory

Principal Investigator: Kate Ballegooyen

2. Co-Creation of a Governance Structure: The Case of a Recreo-Tourism Development in Mont-Orford

Principal Investigator: Laurent Bourdeau

Stan Boutin Research Project
3. Effects of climate change and human activities on mountain species and ecosystems

Principal Investigator: Stan Boutin

William Snow Research Projecrt
4. Enhancing the reintroduction of Plains Bison through the inclusion of cultural monitoring and traditional knowledge in Banff National Park

Principal Investigator: William Snow

Norma Kassi Research Project
5. Explore, describe and develop a methodology to best account Indigenous perspectives on the value of Land Guardianship in Mountain Regions and the contributions to the biodiversity and well-being of their Nations

Principal Investigator: Norma Kassi

VIncent St.Louis Research Project
6. From the Mountains to Our Tables: Freshwater Security in Three Canadian Eastern Rocky Mountain Watersheds

Principal Investigator: Vincent St. Louis

Courtney Mason Research Project
7. Indigenous Land Rights in Canada and New Zealand: Sustainable Protected Areas in Rural and Mountain Environments

Principal Investigator: Courtney Mason

Glyn Williams-Jones Research Project
8. Łingít Kusteeyí (Tlingit Way of Life): Revitalizing Tlingit Law for Land and Wildlife

Principal Investigator: Aimee Schmidt

Marco Fest-Bianchet Research Project
9. Long-term monitoring of harvested mountain ungulates to improve their conservation and sustainable use

Principal Investigator: Marco Festa-Bianchet

Aimee Schmidt Research Project
10. Managing Groundwater Resources in Mountainous Areas: Planning for and Adapting to Drought Conditions

Principal Investigator: Diana Allen

James King Research Project
11. Mineral Dust Dynamics and Climate Change at High Latitude Mountainous Regions

Principal Investigator: James King

Inez Shiwak Research Project
12. Mobilizing Mountain Metrics that Matter: Inuit-Led Environment and Health Monitoring in the Mealy Mountains National Park Reserve

Principal Investigator: Jamie Snook 

Nío Nę P'ęnè
13. Nı́o Nę P’ęnę́ – Trails of the Mountain Caribou: Renewing Indigenous Relationships in Conservation

Principal Investigator:
Leon Andrew

Glyn Williams-Jones Research Project
14. The Mountain Risk Knowledge Exchange – Building Risk Management Capacity and Resilience in Mountain Communities

Principal Investigator: Glyn Williams-Jones 

Pam Shaw Research Project
15. The Shútagot’ıne Cultural Landscape Project

Principal Investigator:
Glen MacKay

Diana Allen Research Project
16. The View from 2117: Human Actions, Consequences, and Perspectives on Mountain Regions

Principal Investigator: Pamela Shaw

17. Hills thought to be mountains: the biocultural value of island highlands in the continental plains

Principal Investigator: Dr. Murray Humphries

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