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CMN Knowledge Hubs

We are proud to announce the launch of seven Knowledge Hubs across Canada, totalling $3M in funding. These Knowledge Hubs are centres of activity that bring together diverse participants with shared priorities and objectives that include complementary research, training, knowledge mobilization, and networking activities. The hubs will advance the role of both Indigenous and Western ways of knowing, doing and being in evidence-based decision making. The Knowledge Hubs will also actively engage Indigenous communities, youth, elders, and knowledge holders to foster the co-development of research agendas, leading to learning and teaching among all knowledge stakeholders.

Map of Canadian Knowledge Hubs with CMN

CMN’s Knowledge Hubs are enabling a diverse group of people and organizations to work together to build meaningful and sustained knowledge relationships that are inclusive, honour different ways of knowing, prioritize values and relationships, and encourage innovation. The Hubs will enhance Canada’s international leadership in areas of high current economic and social importance, including, but not limited to, reconciliation, preservation of Indigenous languages and knowledge systems, Indigenous stewardship, environmental monitoring and assessment, cumulative effects management, tourism development, economic diversification and nature conservation.

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Yukon Salmon
Indigenous and Western Knowledge Systems to Revitalize Connection to Yukon Salmon Culture 

Trails of Mountain Caribou
Nió Nę P’ęnę́ (NNP) – Trails of Mountain Caribou

Blackfoot Guardianship
Blackfoot Guardianship of East Slope Watershed + Weaving Blackfoot Values with Science

Pacific Indigenous Protected
Pacific Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area (IPCA) Innovation Centre

Chic-Choc Mountain Knowledge Hub CMN
Developing Knowledge of Aquatic Realities in Chic-Choc Mountains (CREA-CC)

Rekindling Indigenous Led Land Stewardship
Rekindling Indigenous-Led Land Stewardship and Cultural Connections in the Rockies

Ecological Change and Livelihoods
Ecological Change and Livelihoods in the Porcupine Caribou Summer Change

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