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Carcross Buildings in Yukon


ALCES Online is a decision-support tool for cumulative effects assessment. The tool facilitates spatial scenario analysis through a web-based GIS, indicator calculator, landscape and population simulators, and visualization tools. ALCES Online has been used across Canada and globally to assess risks associated with land use and climate change and to evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation strategies. Canadian jurisdictions for which ALCES Online has been initialized include Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Manitoba and Ontario.

Funded by the Government of Yukon and coordinated by the Canadian Mountain Network, this project focuses on the development of a version of ALCES Online for the Territory.

For more information, contact: Matt Carlson, Ecologist, ALCES at mcarlson@alces.ca

Read the summary report here to learn about the details and deliverables of the project.

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