Charlie Flowers


Charlie is a co-investigator in “Mobilizing Mountain Metrics that Matter: Inuit-Led Environment and Health Monitoring in the Mealy Mountains National Park Reserve,” which seeks to expand and enhance community-driven monitoring systems in Rigolet to track, analyze, and respond to climate change impacts on health and wellbeing. Guided by principles for community-led participatory research, there are four key objectives: 1) characterize mountain metrics that matter to Inuit; 2) expand and enhance community-driven climate-health monitoring systems to reach the Mealy Mountains National Park; 3) examine climatic determinants of Inuit health and wellbeing in mountain regions; and 4) promote climate-health awareness among communities in mountain regions. Charlie is also a Technical Project lead for “My Word Storytelling & Digital Media Lab” project.


Technical Project Lead
Rigolet Inuit Community Government
P.O. Box 69
Rigolet, NL
A0P 1P0

Tel: 1(709)947-3313
WebMy Word Storytelling & Digital Media Lab

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