Dr. Pamela Shaw


Pamela Shaw PhD MCIP RPP FRCGS is a 2018 3M Teaching Fellow, Geography Professor, Director of the Master of Community Planning Program, Research Director of the UNESCO Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Research Institute (MABRRI), Senior Editor of the International Journal of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, Senior Editor of VIU Press, and a Fellow with the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. She is also an elected member of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Institute of Planning and Vice President of the Canadian Biosphere Reserve Association. Pam has won multiple awards for teaching and is known for creatively engaging students in applied, community-based research. Many projects have developed in partnership with First Nations on Vancouver Island, with the research questions shaped by the Nation to address practical issues.  Pam’s current research focuses on the human/nature relationship in biosphere regions, as these regions are intended to serve as model sites for how people can co-exist with nature.

Boards and Committees

Director of VIU’s Master of Community Planning Program

Research Director of the Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Institute, which focuses on community-based, applied, practical projects that link students, faculty, and community groups/agencies.

Publisher and Senior Editor of the International Journal of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves

Publisher and Editor of VIU Press

Elected Board Member, Canadian Institute of Planners, representing BC and Yukon

Elected Vice President, Canadian Biosphere Reserves Association

Recipient of a 2018 3M National Teaching Fellowship Award

Selected Publications

Shaw, P. (2018) Plan Canada. Guest Editor of the Spring 2018 edition, vol. 58, no. 1. Editorial on Innovations in Planning.

Lobato-Calleros, O and P. Shaw. (2018) “Quality Assessment Methods for Index of Community Sustainability.” Submitted to Business Process Management Journal November 12, 2017 and accepted for publication February 28, 2018.

Ferreira, M.I.P., P. Shaw, G. Sakaki, T. Alexander. (2017) “Collaborative governance and watershed management in biosphere reserves in Brazil and Canada.” Submitted to Ambiente & Água Journal October 9, 2017.

Ferreira, M.I.P., P. Shaw, G. Sakaki, T. Alexander, L.F. Umbelino dos Santos. (2017) “Thrivability Appraisals.” The International Journal of Sustainability Policy and Practice, vol. 13, issue 3.

Shaw, P. et al. (2017) “The Establishment of a Database on Current Research in UNESCO Biosphere Reserves: Limitations and Opportunities.” International Journal of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, vol. 1, no. 2.

Vaugeois, N., A. Williams, S. Karsten, P. Shaw. (2016) “Uncovering and Mapping Place Attachment in Small Cities.”  Travel and Tourism Research Association 2016 Conference. Sept. 26, 2016. Refereed Academic Paper for Presentation.

Mitchell, A., Shaw P., and D. Miller. (2017) “A Roadmap to Independence: The K’omoks First Nation Proactive Approach to Sustainable Land Management.” Plan Canada, vol. 56, no. 4.


Dr. Pamela Shaw

Research Director
Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region Research Institute
Vancouver Island University

900 5th Street
Nanaimo, BC
V9R 5S5

Email: pam.shaw@via.ca
Tel: 1(250)753-3245 EXT 2620

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