Tools for Braiding Indigenous and Western Knowledges


13 nov. 2023, 10:25






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Organized by the Canadian Mountain Network, this panel will discuss the challenges of braiding Indigenous and Western knowledges. Despite positive developments in the prioritization and promotion of Indigenous-led research, Canadian institutions need to do more to support Indigenous researchers and their ways of knowing. The first half of this panel will address the systemic and structural problems faced by Indigenous researchers. The second half, in turn, aims to push the conversation forward by giving detail to the exact tools that are needed to braid the knowledges of multiple Nations with Western scientific methods and technologies.

Organized by: CMN


Aleesha Tearl Jones

Student Transition and Engagement Coordinator, Indigenous Student Center, University of the Fraser Valley

Dr. JA Morrow

Indigenous Engagement Coordinator, Canadian Mountain Network

Dr. Paulina Johnson

Co-Research Director at the Canadian Mountain Network and Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Alberta

Tiffany Traverse

Board Member, Canadian Mountain Network

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